Six On Six - A Rainbow 6 Siege Podcast

Episode 6 // Coaches Committee (featuring Dizzle, Shas, Twister, and Pojoman)

July 6, 2020

Welcome to our first supersized episode of Six On Six! We decided to bring on 4 of the best coaches in all of Rainbow 6 Siege for a special Six on Six On Six! Our sixth episode unites top coaches from each of the 4 major regions of professional Siege to give valuable insight into how they view the game. Dizzle (from Fnatic), Shas (from G2), Twister (from Furia, formerly NiP and FaZe), and Pojoman (from TSM, formerly DZ) have a wealth of knowledge and experience that they shared over the course of 3 hours. From how they got their start coaching, to dealing with problematic players, to the way coaching has changed over the years -- we were extremely fortunate to get to spend time with some brilliant minds behind some of the best teams in Siege.

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